About Selo and Lee

 About Selo and Lee

is a global provider of PPE, medical accessories and solutions, and other related products. Through our strategic partnerships with companies such as Burtlan Medical, we are bringing the highest quality goods and supplies to customers worldwide. Our commitment to product quality is matched by our commitment to community, ensuring the health and welfare of all global citizens. Selo and Lee is located in Vancouver, Canada.




We strive for healthy communities. We support #HealthNotHate.

During times of crisis, it is important to stay united as communities. Selo and Lee is proud to support #HealthNotHate, a volunteer grassroots anti-racism movement arising from the stresses of COVID-19. In addition to mask donations to those stakeholders in need, a portion of all Burtlan Medical mask sales will be donated to #HealthNotHate in support of their work. We strive to create healthy communities devoid of hate, discrimination, and prejudice.

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