Burtlan Medical masks offer unrivalled protection.

Why Burtlan Medical Masks

Burtlan Medical Masks Protect

In our everyday life, masks are our primary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), It protects us while protecting others. A great mask -- a Burtlan Medical mask -- acts as a barrier to help shield you from exposure to airborne droplets, splashes and sprays, as well as preventing transmission to others. Our masks are produced with the highest standards in UAE (United Arab Emirates) and imported into Canada meeting or exceeding health requirements.

Verified PPE with Premium Quality

  • FDA Registered Manufacturer

Reliable with Fast Shipping

All of our masks are in stock and shipped from our facility in British Columbia, Canada. Customers can shop with confidence, enjoying expedited delivery, and assurance that our product supply is there when you need it.

Best Value in the Market

There are many mask options in the market, but not all masks are created equal. At Selo and Lee, we are confident our Burtlan Medical masks will exceed your expectations. Our manufacturing standards, protective quality, and pricing offers superior value. And, Burtlan Medical masks look great, providing the face coverage you need to offer optimal protection.

Community Contributions

At Selo and Lee, we strive to create healthy and inclusive communities. Yes, we sell PPE but we also support initiatives that further our community goals. Our principals quietly volunteer for and support food programs for the homeless. We also support #HealthNotHate, a national anti-racism movement that promotes inclusion and diversity through the fostering of healthy communities. Because, it’s a health issue, not a race issue.


Selo and Lee is located in Vancouver, Canada. Our team is here to assist you when you need us. We respond quickly to the questions and comments you may have about Burtlan Medical masks.